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CHURCHILL LAND DEVELOPMENT SERVICES LTD are experts in Land Development, whether it is an 800m2 site or a site that has the potential to be subdivided into several hundred lots. We provide a professional service associated with expert knowledge of the Council District plans.

We can manage the whole project for you from the beginning to the end or assist you with the various stages along the way.


Free Initial Project Advice

We are happy to talk to you about your project with an initial, no obligation, free consultation, which may then lead to a decision to carry out further investigation at an agreed price.

For Auckland enquiries please contact David Churchill
either by phone 09 273 4182 or email
For Christchurch enquiries please contact Adam Churchill
either by phone 03 943 4326 or email

Development Proposal (Feasibility Study)

Every property is different. We can provide you with a detailed report on possible development options for your piece of land along with a detailed estimate of costs to develop.


The basis of a good design is accurate information. We can collect all the necessary information including position of buildings, trees, drainage, road and driveways, special features and contours and levels across your property. We can then provide that information either in digital (CAD) format or paper copy to your architectural designer, or use it to design a Subdivision concept and the associated full engineering plans to service the development.


Our Licensed Cadastral Surveyors Can Carry Out:

Urban Subdivision:

  • Freehold (Fee Simple)
  • Cross Lease
  • Unit Title

What is the best subdivision option for your property?

Freehold Subdivision – another name is Fee Simple Subdivision.

This is the most common type of subdivision. The end result is a separate Certificate of Title for each Lot developed. The land is solely owned by those named on the Certificate of Title.

Cross Lease Subdivision

This type of subdivision used to be common place. The total area of land is owned in equal shares by the owners of each part of the cross lease. The individual owners own the buildings on the share of land that their building sits on. These buildings are registered on the Certificate of Title, and the plan is called a Flats plan. It is an inferior form of ownership compared with Freehold as there is always another landowner whose permission must be obtained to allow for any changes to the Certificates of Title. However it is still a common form of ownership and we can amend cross lease Certificates of Title as required i.e. if buildings are altered or additional buildings are built.

Unit Title Subdivision

This form of subdivision is useful mainly when dealing with properties that are joined together in some way. It might be an apartment block with individually owned units or a commercial block of buildings where the owners share common land. In each case a Body Corporate (owners committee) is set up to administer the property and all common matters are paid for in a yearly levy, set by the Body Corporate. Quite often a company will be employed by the Body Corporate to administer the levy and keep all property owners informed.

Rural Subdivision

Just like in an urban environment where landowners might decide to downsize their piece of land, larger rural blocks can be subdivided as well, and individual certificates of title for the smaller blocks obtained. We can help you decide the best way to maximise your subdivision in terms of the Local Council’s rules.

Monumentation Survey or Boundary Reinstatement Survey and preparation of Cadastral survey datasets (CSD) to enter into the LINZ database on Landonline

This surveying task is controlled by the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 and must be carried out in terms of the 2010 Rules, published under that Act.

There are two possible processes, depending on the availability of original survey marks which could be found. Our responsibility under these Rules is to locate the original marks and as required re-mark boundaries in the exact same position as the original survey.

At the start of a survey we expect to be able to locate survey marks within the road, but depending on the age of the original survey we cannot be too sure whether the original boundary marks will have remained.

The trigger between the two options, is replacing boundary marks based on whether or not the original survey control marks can be found. The Monumentation survey option can be used when one or more old survey marks, which appear on that old survey plan, are also found; failing this the Boundary Reinstatement option must be used.

The difference between these two options is the amount of documentation LINZ (Land Information NZ) requires us to provide. It is likely that the field survey will also take longer for a reinstatement survey and preparation of the CSD will take longer as we try to find marks further from the property.

Removal of Limitations

What do the words "Limited as to Parcels" mean on your Computer Freehold Register (Certificate of Title)? These words mean that your boundaries have never been defined by survey. Your title was produced prior to 1924 and boundary marks were never put in the ground. The status of this title can be improved to "Guaranteed" by resurveying the definition of surrounding boundaries, placing new boundary pegs and submitting a new Cadastral Survey Dataset (CSD) to LINZ for approval. Once approved by LINZ, notices will be sent to all adjoining landowners (Sec 167A), advising them of the resurvey and their rights to provide their own survey information if they believe that they have a stronger claim to part of the land. This notification process usually takes a further one month. Following this notification process, a new Computer Freehold Register (Certificate of Title) can be applied for, and this new title will have a guaranteed area registered on the LINZ government database.

Land Online

The traditional paper survey plans could be lodged with LINZ until 1 September 2007. After that date all survey plans had to be lodged by electronic lodgement. E-survey has allowed us to digitally prepare and lodge cadastral surveys directly from our desktop computer.

The electronic transfer process starts in our office with the ability to search on line all title and survey data through Landonline. The Surveyor can digitally prepare and lodge cadastral surveys directly with LINZ. Using LandXML enabled survey software, surveys can be created without the need to re-key data into the Landonline capture screens. Then in Landonline, the Surveyor can finalise and validate the e-survey before lodging it with LINZ.

Local Council’s have also made the change to certifying Cadastral Survey data online.

Landonline has enabled LINZ to provide better customer service and more accurate and up-to-date information. Searching of data has been made easier, with real time updating of the survey record, Surveyors now have access to the latest records. The Lodgement process has simplified and the time taken to approve the data has been considerably reduced.



Engineering Design of Public Drainage, Earthworks, Roading, Network Utility services

Adding another house to your property or subdividing land into more sites means that the new sites have to be fully serviced (i.e. for Stormwater, Sanitary (waste water) sewer, watermain, driveway, roading, power, telephone services). We can design and prepare full Engineering plans for all of these services.

Preparation of Contract Documents, Tender Documents, Specifications for Engineering contract

Once the new design has been approved by Council, a contractor is usually appointed to construct the design in terms of the approved plans. We can prepare the contract documents, which can include the tender documents and specifications, and let the contract.

Overland Flow Path Reporting / Flood Assessments

Stormwater flow & potential flooding are an important obstacle in many parts of Auckland. We can expertly assess the stormwater catchment relevant to your site and with calculations and design manage this into your project to obtain approval.

Earthworks Set out

Our surveyors can expertly set out any earthworks so that your contractor may prepare your property for the works to commence.

Drainage and Roading set out

We can also accurately set out all drainage and roading as required.

Supervision of Engineering Works and Administration of Contract.

Council requires that the construction of the Engineering work is observed and certified by a qualified person. Our Registered Professional Surveyors are qualified to administer the contract and supervise construction of the Engineering works.

As Built Plan, certification of Engineering Documentation to Council standards

Our Registered Professional Surveyors are qualified to certify all Engineering works and prepare the appropriate documentation. We are qualified to carry out As Built surveys of the new drainage and certify the required plan for Council’s approval.



At some stage of the Building process Council might require, as a condition of the Building Consent, certification that the Building meets Council’s standards. Our Registered Professional Surveyors are qualified to survey and certify all of the following:

  • Construction & Building set outs – commercial, industrial, residential
  • Siting certificates – As Built certification of the building
  • Height in Relation to Boundary Certificate and Maximum Height certification
  • Floor Level certificate. We can also set the floor level prior to the floor being poured.

Our Company Surveyors are also experienced in:

  • High Rise Building Set out - Precise Set out – Horizontal & Vertical control. We can provide a resume of projects that we have been involved with.
  • BOMA Surveys – Measure of Rentable Area for Lease agreements
  • Condition Survey Reports – Surveys to record condition of surrounding buildings and landscape prior to construction commencing. We regularly provide these detailed reports for our major construction clients to meet their insurance requirements.
  • Monitoring surveys – to measure accurately any change in surrounding area during construction process.



Our Consultant Surveyors and Planners are experienced in the Resource Management Act and interpreting the District & Regional Plan Rules of the various previous Local Councils, plus rules under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. We provide the following services:

Land Use Resource Consent Applications

Land use consents are required for a wide range of activities including residential and commercial, where an activity specifically requires consent from Council, or where a permitted activity is infringing Council regulations. We can prepare full land use consent applications for your project.

Example of a Land Use Plan (PDF)

Subdivision Resource Consent Applications

A subdivision consent is required for any proposed subdivision, including fee simple, unit title, or cross lease. We can prepare subdivision applications (including full plan preparation) for your project.

In residential developments, this is often combined with a land use consent, in the form of an Integrated Land Use & Subdivision Resource Consent. This allows both the land use (building) and subdivision stages of a project to be included in a single application, and is common when the land use will involve infringements such as building coverage or height in relation to boundary.

Regional Consents

For larger or more complex projects, regional consents involving stormwater discharge, sediment control, or works in a watercourse are often required. We can prepare regional resource consents (including full design and calculations) for any project. This can either be a separate application or can be combined with a land use/subdivision application.

Council Hearings – Preparation & Presentation of Evidence

Occasionally developing your property does not go to plan. We have the expertise to prepare and present evidence if your consent application has to be heard before a Council Hearing.

If your consent application is then required to be heard by the Environment Court we have the expertise to prepare and present evidence at that hearing as well.

Iwi and Neighbour Consultation

Where a proposal is likely to have adverse effects on a neighbour, early consultation can often lead to a positive result which can avoid notification of your resource consent. We can lead or assist consultation with neighbours.

Iwi are sometimes considered to be an affected party (especially where identified in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan). We can also aid in consultation with iwi.

Expert Planning Evidence

In addition to offering advice on development potential, we can also use our expert knowledge of local planning regulations to advise on planning matters that could affect your property/project.

This can extend to liaison with Council or other professionals, attendance at a pre-application meeting, or preparation of a report detailing the implications of various planning rules for your project. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.




Most Land Development projects will depend on management to coordinate the different services, Surveying, Engineering, Construction, Territorial Authorities, Utility companies, in much the same way as Building Project Managers coordinate various tradespersons for building projects.

Project Management relates to organising the stages of a project and also includes management of contracts ensuring all work completed meets acceptable standards, keeping track of budget expenditure, certifying payments and above all focusing on the end result.

For smaller projects, developers might prefer to handle the project themselves, depending on their skill and knowledge.

David Churchill is a Registered Professional Surveyor, which is a qualification and status conferred by the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors on its members who possess advance knowledge and skill in their particular field of expertise. David is experienced in handling all Project Management aspects of a project.